July 2008 issue

From the End till a New Beginning
Jewish identity in Hungary stands as the focal point of works by 24 of the country’s best authors in Contemporary Jewish Writing in Hungary: An Anthology.

I must begin with a confession, a strange confession perhaps, but a candid one. From the moment I … Tovább »

Szarvas The Magical Place

Zsuzsa Fritz (Program Director)
The Lauder-Joint International Jewish Youth Camp was established in 1990 by the Lauder Foundation and by the American Joint in order to give a great Jewish summer experience and a long-lasting impact on the Jewish identity of the youngsters who had just started to discover their roots in the Eastern-Central – European Jewish communities.

The Crunch of Empty Boots

Gábor T. Szántó:
The Crunch of Empty Boots



Flakes of snow.

Falling, falling, flakes of snow.

Marci presses his nose against the glass.

Panting, Santa Claus binds the skis onto his boots. He struggles to move in his thick red quilted coat and trousers, his … Tovább »

Historical Commissions and Reconciliation

What Hungarian Jews Need to Learn
Ágnes Peresztegi
This paper was delivered at The International Conference on Confronting History: The Historical Commissions of Inquiry  that discussed the various historical commissions appointed by different governments to deal with the role of their country during the Second World War.  Although Hungary failed to establish such a commission thus far, this does not mean that there were not debates about historical research; or that no studies were completed related to the issues of expropriation, looted property, refugees, war crimes and other relevant aspects of the Holocaust.