Unofficial Statistics on the Hungarian Jews – 1997

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Unofficial statistics on the
Hungarian Jews – 1997

Many of the following figures are not based on statistical surveys or official reports, since these are often not available about Hungarian Jews. Their sources are sometimes personal experiences, informal talks, estimations and the average of all these. Many dignitaries of synagogues, Jewish organisations, directors would exaggerate about their visitor’s number, since low figures may decrease their reputation. However, even if the real figures are somewhat above or below our data, we estimate that they can give an insight in the everyday life of the Hungarian Jews, because the proportions would not change considerably. The highly secular and rather assimilated Hungarian Jewry does not excel in frequenting religious events, but its interest in secular events (especially parties and balls) is considerable.

Estimated number of Hungarian Jews

life-cycle events

synagogue attendance

social events

Jewish periodicals

informal education

formal education

Registration of new-borns in the official Jewish Community (conservative)